CEFALY Migraine Device Is Now Available In Canada Direct To Consumer

CEFALY Technology is the manufacturer and now also the exclusive distributor of the CEFALY device and its accessories across the country
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NEW YORK, January 14, 2020 _ CEFALY Technology is pleased to announce that their latest technology for the drug-free treatment of migraines, the CEFALY DUAL device, and its accessories are now available across Canada direct to consumer. Until recently, only the original CEFALY device was available to migraineurs in Canada and it was sold via distributor.

“We are excited to start the New Year on a new path,” said Jennifer Trainor-McDermott, CEO with CEFALY Technology. “We are developing very focused initiatives to help migraineurs across Canada access relief and more quickly. This strategic move to relocate distribution in-house will provide more flexibility to meet our growing demand.”

CEFALY has rapidly become a global brand, widely recognized among the migraine community, which is estimated to be around 1 billion worldwide1. The CEFALY device is the first FDA Cleared/CE Marked medical technology of its kind for the treatment of migraine headaches. It is a non-invasive device placed on the forehead that uses two distinct programs (ACUTE and PREVENT) to stimulate and desensitize the area research identifies as a center for migraine pain, the Trigeminal nerve. Since CEFALY is not a drug, it can be used as a standalone option or with an existing treatment. Patients who use the device consistently show a decrease in migraine days and in intake of migraine medication.

In addition to gaining access to CEFALY’s latest technology, consumers in Canada will experience the company’s newly refreshed brand and web presence: https://www.cefaly.com.au/en-ca

About CEFALY Technology

CEFALY Technology is a Belgium-based company, with US offices based in Wilton, Connecticut, specializing in electronics for medical applications. It has developed external cranial stimulation technology for applications in the field of neurology; in particular for treating migraines.

For more information about CEFALY Technology visit: https://www.cefaly.us.

For more information on purchasing CEFALY in Canada visit: https://www.cefaly.com.au/en-ca.


1 Migraine facts. American Migraine Foundation website. Accessed January 13, 2020

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