Who is CEFALY Technology?

We are a global team on a mission to solve the persistent problem of migraine through advanced therapeutic innovations. Our name, CEFALY (pronounced SEF a lee), is derived from céphalée, the French word for headache, and cephalic, a medical term that means “related to the head.”

What We Do

Pain Relief
2 billion
migraines treated (and counting)

Since 2008, we’ve continued to test and improve our proprietary device, CEFALY Enhanced, to offer people with migraine a safe and effective, drug-free treatment.

While the causes of migraine are not completely understood, current research shows that the largest and most complex cranial nerve, the trigeminal nerve, is heavily involved in the sensation of migraine headache pain. CEFALY Enhanced has been specifically engineered to modify pain sensation in the trigeminal nerve through its ophthalmic branch, which runs under the skin of the forehead.

A Clinically-Proven Treatment for Migraine Sufferers

CEFALY Enhanced is FDA Cleared for the abortive and preventative treatment of migraine. It’s trusted and recommended by leading healthcare professionals, as well as hundreds of thousands of people with migraine worldwide. The ACUTE setting is clinically proven to stop or reduce migraine pain during an attack. With compliant daily use, the PREVENT setting is clinically proven to reduce the frequency of migraine days.

  • Deena E. Kuruvilla Testimonial CEFALY

    Deena E. Kuruvilla, M.D. Director, Westport Headache Institute Medical Advisor, CEFALY Technology

    “My patients regularly tell me that CEFALY takes the edge off migraine, enabling them to get back to their daily routine. Now available over the counter, CEFALY is much more accessible for patients without needing a prescription from their clinician.”

  • Stephanie Vertrees Healthcare Professional Testimonial

    Stephanie Vertrees, MD, UCNS Board Certified Headache Specialist & Medical Director of Vertrees Headache Center in Austin, TX

    “CEFALY has really answered that call for many of my patients. It’s fantastic that it works as a preventative and an acute option, sometimes eliminating the need for multiple drug prescriptions.”

  • Alexander Feoktistov Healthcare Professional TestimonialTestimonial

    Alexander Feoktistov, MD, Founder and Director of Synergy Integrative Headache Center

    “I have been using CEFALY devices in my clinical practice for a few years now both as migraine prophylaxis as well as one of the acute/rescue options. I am very pleased with the results.”

  • James A Charles Healthcare Professional Testimonial

    James A Charles, MD, FAAN, FAHS, Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School

    “CEFALY efficacy data in our real world practice are not only replicated, but safe. The CEFALY Enhanced is an effective abortive and preventive therapy as monotherapy and as well as combined.”

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  • Third most common disease in the world.

    We believe everyone deserves a life that’s free of migraine pain.

  • It’s not just a headache.

    Migraine is a debilitating neurological disorder.

  • There is no cure for migraine.

    When medications aren’t effective, CEFALY is a safe alternative.


Real People. Real Results

  • Emily CEFALY Testimonial

    I have suffered from migraines all my life, a good friend recommended Cefaly and I am so thankful. My migraines are now less intense and less frequent. Now when one comes along I just use Cefaly and carry on with my day as normal!


  • Gypsy CEFALY Testimonial

    Cefaly has saved my life. I was suffering so much with daily, intense migraine attacks. I could not even leave my room for days on end. Ever since my first use of Cefaly, I have not had one attack since. Its been about 6 years now if using Cefaly daily and I am migraine free.


  • Natalie CEFALY Testimonial

    Pleasantly surprised at how effective this is. I use the attack mode most days and find it brings down my attack 1-2 on the pain scale. I then use the preventative mode each night before bed and have started to notice a decrease in the number of breakthrough attacks.


  • Sandra CEFALY Testimonial

    Highly recommend for anyone to try it as part of their toolbox in managing migraine. Cefaly had completely changed my life. I am now able to have control and stick to my commitments and even make plans! The pain reduction is amazing and my breakthrough attacks have reduced by 80%, couldn't be happier!


  • Simon CEFALY Testimonial

    I have always suffered with tension headaches for as long as I can remember. Cefaly has reduced them significantly from even coming on, and when they do just one treatment with Cefaly completely eradicates it. I was concerned about the price at first, but realised I have saved a lot of money after purchasing the Cefaly.


  • Tanisha CEFALY Testimonial

    Cefaly has really changed my life. I used to suffer from severe migraines but I’m so pleasantly surprised how much this device has helped me!! I’ve tried many different treatments but this has been the only one that has worked for me. I use it at the first sight of a headache and it works like magic every time. Highly recommend!


  • Natalie CEFALY Testimonial

    I use my Cefaly every night before going to sleep and it is a significant help in reducing the number of migraines and also helps me get to sleep. It's now part of my daily toolbox.