CEFALY Health Fund Rebates

You may be eligible for a rebate on your CEFALY purchase

You can claim depending on your insurer and level of cover.

  • Check your private health insurance to confirm you are eligible for a rebate for a TENS machine
  • Email info@cefaly.com.au to request an invoice stating the device is a TENS machine
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Rebate Amounts

This information is for general use only. We recommend you contact your health fund directly.

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TENS Machine Health Fund Rebate with BUPA, NIB, HBF and Medibank

Are you considering purchasing a CEFALY device as a drug-free migraine treatment option? Did you know that certain healthcare providers in Australia offer rebates for CEFALY purchases? BUPA, Medibank, NIB and HCF all have TENS machine rebates that can be applied towards the cost of your CEFALY.

It's worth checking with your provider to see if you're eligible for these added savings. And remember, along with any healthcare cost reimbursement, you may experience the added benefit of reduced migraine frequency and intensity with regular CEFALY use. Don't miss out on the opportunity to potentially save money and improve your health – check your coverage today.


How Do I Claim my CEFALY TENS Machine with NIB, Medibank or HCF?

Claiming a healthcare rebate for your CEFALY TENS machine is easy and straightforward. First, check with your private health insurance provider to confirm that you are eligible for a rebate for a TENS machine through BUPA, Medibank, NIB or HBF.

Next, email info@cefaly.com.au to request an invoice stating that the device is a TENS machine. CEFALY is BUPA-approved and eligible for HCF rebate, as well as NIB rebate on certain tiers of cover.

Taking advantage of these rebates can save you money while still allowing you to experience the benefits of using a CEFALY TENS machine for migraines and tension headaches. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding claiming your healthcare rebate.

Veteran Affairs/NDIS Support May Also Be Available

As a veteran or person receiving support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme, you may be eligible to have the cost of your CEFALY device and its accessories covered by your organisation. All it takes is a simple enquiry to find out if you qualify.

Keep in mind that some organisations may have specific criteria for coverage, such as a recommendation from a healthcare provider or documented proof of trying other migraine treatment options before turning to CEFALY.

However, don't hesitate to ask about coverage for this potentially life-changing migraine prevention device – it's always worth investigating any potential opportunities for financial support.

Rebates You May Be Eligible For

When it comes to healthcare rebates, the amount you receive depends on several factors. Your health fund and level of coverage affect the rebate percentage, as does the type of service being claim.

Additionally, some providers are part of a preferred provider network and may offer higher rebates. It's important to keep in mind that health fund rebates are not set in stone – they often change at the start of each financial year and can vary depending on your individual circumstances.

For these reasons, it's always best to check with your health fund for up-to-date rebate information before making appointments or purchases.

This information is for general use only. We recommend you contact your health fund directly:

Private Health Fund Website Contact Tel Health Fund Rebates
Medbank Private www.medibank.com.au 134 190 Up to $200 with plans that include a Flexi Bonus
BUP www.bupa.com.au 134 135 Cefaly is covered by BUPA
HCF www.hcf.com.au 13 13 34 HCF covers up to $300 depending on the cover
NIB www.nib.com.au 13 16 42 With Top Extra’s cover only. 75% refunded up to the value of $500
HBF www.hbf.com.au 133 423 Up to $320 depending on level of cover
Ausralian Unity www.australianunity.com.au 13 29 39 Australian Unity no longer covers TENS machines
GMHA Limited www.gmhba.com.au 1300 446 422 Up to $100 depending on level of cover
Heath Insurance Fund of Australia www.hif.com.au 1300 13 40 60 Up to $300 refunded for members with Super Cover only
health.com.au www.health.com.au 1300 199 802 85% refunded up to value of $500 with High Extra’s cover
GUA Health Limited www.cua.com.au 1300 499 260 80% refund up to value of $600 with Extra’s Gold cover