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Gypsi's Experience with Cefaly Anti-Migraine/Headache Device

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Cefaly Migraine/Headache Solution on Studio10

Cefaly Migraine/Headache Solution on Studio10

Customer Reviews

Your product works!! OK here’s the thing, since I bought this I’ve been using it everyday. And I’ve only had it for a few days. Yesterday I went to the gym and after the gym I developed a migraine. Exercise is a huge trigger for me. I was in such bad pain I seriously thought I was having a stroke. I wore the cefaly at least three times. The first couple of times it had a minor effect and didn’t get rid of the throbbing pain. About an hour later I was symptom free!!! This has never happened before. Usually my migraines last for two to three days with lingering pain and fatigue and yawning as it goes away. But no I am symptom free!! 😀 its like I never even had a migraine. I attribute this to using the device. This is fantastic I’m so happy I could cry.. I woke up early this morning symptom free and feeling fantastic. Im honestly amazed. Any signs of pressure in my head are gone. I have no fatigue or sleepiness. I have no pain. I have no fog. I can think clearly and I’m full of energy. I don’t know what the hell happened but this actually worked!!! Wow I’m amazed. I just want to say thank you.


I’ve been suffering with Complex Chronic Migraines for 6 years and I also have Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve tried over 20 prophylactic medications as well as Botox which seemed to work for a bit and then stop working. I also couldn’t tolerate the side effects which were severe. I first heard of the Cefaly on 60 minutes from a friend and decided ide give it a try. It took about 4 weeks of daily use to see a reduction in the migraine attack severity. I would say for me it didn’t reduce the number of attacks (they’re still daily), but they reduced the severity of the attacks by about 30-40%. I’ve noticed I don’t have to really take triptans much anymore and some days can get by on just taking panodol. Even though the Cefaly hasn’t gotten rid of my migraines completely, I find I have gotten my life back. When I feel a migraine attack coming on I put it on the first setting and I find I often don’t need to take drugs. Also, I was able to get the Cefaly through NDIS which has been great. Migraines can ruin your life. I know the machine is not cheap but in my opinion it’s effectivity far surpasses the cost. I’ve been suffering with Complex I have been using the Cefaly now for 18 months.

Magdy , G | B.A., B.H.Sc (Naturopathy), N.D. (Canada) ACNEM, AACMA, ANTA Integrative Naturopathic Care Licensed Acupuncturist

RELIEF AT LAST I have been a headache sufferer all my life, and have tried the myriad treatments and pain relief that are all ineffective. Just before signing up for Botox treatment, (at $1000 per treatment with no rebate)I bought my Cefaly. I was wary of the accompanying marketing hype but was proved wrong, and am now enjoying a new lease of life, waking up headache free in the morning. Thank you so very very much.


EXTREMELY HELPFUL I have had migraines for 20 years. I have been using the Cefaly device for three weeks. Twice per day on the second setting (prevention). I have noticed a reduction in both the number and severity of headaches (which I would have daily) as well as migraines. The sensation takes a little bit of getting used to, but after the first session I had no problem with it and it is actually quite relaxing, even on the highest setting. I have also noticed my sinus pain has eased. I would highly recommend this product based on my early experience with the device. I would imagine that it would work best if used consistently (as I have so far) in respect to prevention. The device itself is very light and comfortable.


I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!! Posted by Debbie After 6 years of daily migraines which have totally impacted my life and my family, the Cefaly is the first thing I have found (apart from heavy duty narcotics) which works!!! ……and believe me I have tried everything and spent many tens of thousands of dollars on specialists, medications, alternative health etc. After only one week, I have reduced the amount of medication I’m taking and have found Cefaly gets rid of the migraine even if only for a little while (which is more than I had before). I am so thankful I have found the device and am telling everyone I know!!! My family can’t believe the change in me….it’s like I’m a new person, no longer spending all day in bed or a recliner chair! Thank you so much!


VERY IMPRESSED!! I have only had this little device for a few weeks – but so far I am very impressed with it. I have used it in the midst of a headache (twice now) and within a few 20 min sessions – my headache was gone. The 3rd setting which is used for stress/anxiety/relaxation is amazing – I love it! Besides working on a terrible headache – it doubles as a relaxation machine! My Neurologist has also recommended it be used twice a day as a preventative measure for my headaches – so far so good.Having suffered from migraines for years – and tried a variety of drugs – as well as getting Botox injections for the last 6 years – to finally find something that works that is drug free is amazing! I highly recommend it!


RELIEF AT LAST After 27 years of migraine and neck tension headaches, this product is a blessing. I woke up with a severe headache the day it arrived. First treatment cleared the headache for 3 hours, the second treatment cleared it and it was 2 weeks before I experienced a tension headache – 1 treatment for 20 minutes and ‘Voila’ – all gone. No more meds for me – thank you for this wonderful product – worth every penny! The replacement electrodes are a bit expensive, but I simply put a bit of water on them before storing to keep the moist- makes them last a lot longer


AMAZING RESULTS – REALLY WORKS! I have suffered for a number of years from acute headaches associatedwith a neck injury sustained in an accident. I have, in the past, resorted to going to chiropractors, physios and acupuncturists for relief as well as using pain killers. I was recently introduced to Cefaly by a friend. Since using Cefaly, I have noticed a marked decline in the number and severity of headaches. I use Cefaly about once a week to keep the pain at bay. I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to those who need it.


AMAZING  I suffered 1 to 3 migraines a week for the last 30 yrs… I do have medication that works wonderfully well, but hoping to cut back on the medication, I thought I would give the Cefaly ago. It’s amazing… Felt relief within the first 2 weeks, and not waking up anymore with a migraine. I still have my medication on hand, but so far I have cut them back by three quarters…I’m thrilled with this Cefaly band…