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Cefaly Migraine/Headache Solution on Studio10

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Ellie Freeman

From the age of 14, migraines would hit me like a monthly attack. They were pretty severe: I couldn’t be around light or sound, needed an ice pack and nothing worked. With some attacks I could be in bed for three days or a week. The migraine may last a week and then all the other symptoms – nauseousness, dizziness, hot flushes – linger.It got to the point where I didn’t want to take all these drugs. I use Cefaly every day after work, and it helps so much. I find that if I don’t use the CEFALY device, the migraines get worse, but if I use it every day, the migraines are not as debilitating. Now that I have CEFALY, medication is a last resort.
CEFALY helps me manage – it’s given me more days out of bed, and I’ve been able to get more things done.

Ellie Freeman
Olivia Rehberger

I will actually use Cefaly consistently throughout the day, especially if I have a really bad migraine and I can’t bare it. I use it often more, than once a day. Cefaly is a tool that I have. My migraines are very complicated and in conjunction with other treatments and medications the Cefaly is something I have in my ‘migraine toolbox’ at my disposal to use, as I need it both as a preventative and an abortive. It’s something I really rely on.

Olivia Rehberger

I tried a lot of different medications and nothing has really worked as far as a preventive. Various triptans and the Cefaly seem to be the only things that have worked as an abortive option. If I have a migraine coming on I’ll put the device on right away on the acute setting and it’ll get rid of it. If I already have a migraine it’ll get rid of the pounding pain so I can still function. It’s cut my migraines in half.

Nikki Albert

Most of my migraines were in the range of 7-9 starting within an hour or two of getting up. With the CEFALY daily treatment, abortive treatment or the daily preventative treatment, my pain scale shows 4-9 with the average in the 5-6 area. That is a pretty significant reduction in intensity there. I mean that 4 area? Wasn’t a number on my pain chart… at all. Ever. I like the CEFALY it is a device that is really helping me control the intensity of my migraine attacks and giving me some migraine-free days in the mix as well. The intensity control and the delay in the attacks is worth a Whole lot to me in quality of life with migraine disease. It gives me just some actual relief for once.

Nikki Albert

I’ve had migraines since I was around 7 and they’d occur almost weekly. We went to a neurologist who determined they were migraines. Cefaly is the only solution I’ve found that offers two settings (acute and preventative) and I use them both. It’s amazing how much this tiny machine reduces my symptoms. Before Cefaly, I’d have lost the entire day to my symptoms. It’s that remarkable. Cefaly allows me to live my life.


I’ve had migraines since I was 13. It wasn’t until later in life a doctor validated that I do indeed have migraines. I use CEFALY daily in the morning for prevention. I also use it when I get a migraine on an as needed basis. The CEFALY has worked wonders. The number of my migraines dropped 75-80% and those that I do get are less severe. I like my CEFALY so much that I bought a spare.


Customer Reviews

Your product works!! OK here’s the thing, since I bought this I’ve been using it everyday. And I’ve only had it for a few days. Yesterday I went to the gym and after the gym I developed a migraine. Exercise is a huge trigger for me. I was in such bad pain I seriously thought I was having a stroke. I wore the cefaly at least three times. The first couple of times it had a minor effect and didn’t get rid of the throbbing pain. About an hour later I was symptom free!!! This has never happened before. Usually my migraines last for two to three days with lingering pain and fatigue and yawning as it goes away. But no I am symptom free!! 😀 its like I never even had a migraine. I attribute this to using the device. This is fantastic I’m so happy I could cry.. I woke up early this morning symptom free and feeling fantastic. Im honestly amazed. Any signs of pressure in my head are gone. I have no fatigue or sleepiness. I have no pain. I have no fog. I can think clearly and I’m full of energy. I don’t know what the hell happened but this actually worked!!! Wow I’m amazed. I just want to say thank you.


I’ve been suffering with Complex Chronic Migraines for 6 years and I also have Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve tried over 20 prophylactic medications as well as Botox which seemed to work for a bit and then stop working. I also couldn’t tolerate the side effects which were severe. I first heard of the Cefaly on 60 minutes from a friend and decided ide give it a try. It took about 4 weeks of daily use to see a reduction in the migraine attack severity. I would say for me it didn’t reduce the number of attacks (they’re still daily), but they reduced the severity of the attacks by about 30-40%. I’ve noticed I don’t have to really take triptans much anymore and some days can get by on just taking panodol. Even though the Cefaly hasn’t gotten rid of my migraines completely, I find I have gotten my life back. When I feel a migraine attack coming on I put it on the first setting and I find I often don’t need to take drugs. Also, I was able to get the Cefaly through NDIS which has been great. Migraines can ruin your life. I know the machine is not cheap but in my opinion it’s effectivity far surpasses the cost. I’ve been suffering with Complex I have been using the Cefaly now for 18 months.

Magdy , G | B.A., B.H.Sc (Naturopathy), N.D. (Canada) ACNEM, AACMA, ANTA Integrative Naturopathic Care Licensed Acupuncturist

RELIEF AT LAST I have been a headache sufferer all my life, and have tried the myriad treatments and pain relief that are all ineffective. Just before signing up for Botox treatment, (at $1000 per treatment with no rebate)I bought my Cefaly. I was wary of the accompanying marketing hype but was proved wrong, and am now enjoying a new lease of life, waking up headache free in the morning. Thank you so very very much.


EXTREMELY HELPFUL I have had migraines for 20 years. I have been using the Cefaly device for three weeks. Twice per day on the second setting (prevention). I have noticed a reduction in both the number and severity of headaches (which I would have daily) as well as migraines. The sensation takes a little bit of getting used to, but after the first session I had no problem with it and it is actually quite relaxing, even on the highest setting. I have also noticed my sinus pain has eased. I would highly recommend this product based on my early experience with the device. I would imagine that it would work best if used consistently (as I have so far) in respect to prevention. The device itself is very light and comfortable.


I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!! Posted by Debbie After 6 years of daily migraines which have totally impacted my life and my family, the Cefaly is the first thing I have found (apart from heavy duty narcotics) which works!!! ……and believe me I have tried everything and spent many tens of thousands of dollars on specialists, medications, alternative health etc. After only one week, I have reduced the amount of medication I’m taking and have found Cefaly gets rid of the migraine even if only for a little while (which is more than I had before). I am so thankful I have found the device and am telling everyone I know!!! My family can’t believe the change in me….it’s like I’m a new person, no longer spending all day in bed or a recliner chair! Thank you so much!


VERY IMPRESSED!! I have only had this little device for a few weeks – but so far I am very impressed with it. I have used it in the midst of a headache (twice now) and within a few 20 min sessions – my headache was gone. The 3rd setting which is used for stress/anxiety/relaxation is amazing – I love it! Besides working on a terrible headache – it doubles as a relaxation machine! My Neurologist has also recommended it be used twice a day as a preventative measure for my headaches – so far so good.Having suffered from migraines for years – and tried a variety of drugs – as well as getting Botox injections for the last 6 years – to finally find something that works that is drug free is amazing! I highly recommend it!


RELIEF AT LAST After 27 years of migraine and neck tension headaches, this product is a blessing. I woke up with a severe headache the day it arrived. First treatment cleared the headache for 3 hours, the second treatment cleared it and it was 2 weeks before I experienced a tension headache – 1 treatment for 20 minutes and ‘Voila’ – all gone. No more meds for me – thank you for this wonderful product – worth every penny! The replacement electrodes are a bit expensive, but I simply put a bit of water on them before storing to keep the moist- makes them last a lot longer


AMAZING RESULTS – REALLY WORKS! I have suffered for a number of years from acute headaches associatedwith a neck injury sustained in an accident. I have, in the past, resorted to going to chiropractors, physios and acupuncturists for relief as well as using pain killers. I was recently introduced to Cefaly by a friend. Since using Cefaly, I have noticed a marked decline in the number and severity of headaches. I use Cefaly about once a week to keep the pain at bay. I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to those who need it.


AMAZING  I suffered 1 to 3 migraines a week for the last 30 yrs… I do have medication that works wonderfully well, but hoping to cut back on the medication, I thought I would give the Cefaly ago. It’s amazing… Felt relief within the first 2 weeks, and not waking up anymore with a migraine. I still have my medication on hand, but so far I have cut them back by three quarters…I’m thrilled with this Cefaly band…