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CEFALY Device only $399 + Free Delivery

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Hurry, sale ends Friday!

Stop Missing Out on Life’s Moments

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Rebate On Your CEFALY Purchase

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DRUG-FREE Pain Relief



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Stop Migraine Attacks Faster & Suffer Fewer Of Them

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Get Drug-Free Migraine Relief

CEFALY treats the root cause of your pain by targeting the nerve pathways involved in migraine headache pain.

Break the Cycle

Overuse of medication while trying to treat or prevent migraines may lead to a condition known as Medication Overuse Headaches (MOH). In clinical trials, CEFALY has shown to break the cycle by reducing the number of migraine days and decreasing medication use.

Avoid the “Fog“

Migraine medications can wipe you out, leaving you feeling like you are in a fog. After using CEFALY, you will be ready to resume your normal activities at full speed, without feeling groggy.

No Problem!

Worried about medication side effects? Interactions? Intolerance? No problem! CEFALY is a drug-free treatment option designed to be a primary migraine treatment or a supplement to an existing regimen.

Take Control Of Your Migraines and Take Back Your Life

What is included with the Cefaly Migraine treatment and prevention device

Breakthrough Wearable Device

offers one of the best safety/efficacy ratios on the market for acute and preventive relief from migraines.

Drug-Free Pain Relief

helps you limit your dependency on medication and reduce medication overuse headaches.

FDA-Cleared (prescription no longer required)

medical device for the treatment of migraine headaches.

Clinically-Proven Effective

in significantly reducing the number of migraine days to improve your quality of life.

Safe and Well Tolerated

with more than 350,000 devices in use since 2008, CEFALY has been helping migraineurs live better lives for over a decade.


The TGA regulates therapeutic goods to ensure they are of high quality, safe to use and work as intended.

Keep Going. CEFALY Will Not Slow You Down.

The small size and portability of the CEFALY device means you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Cefaly Migraine treatment and prevention device with electrode laid out on work desk

At Work...

While you are on the phone, the computer or during your lunnch break. Get back to work faster after using your CEFALY device.

Woman eating on a couch while using her Cefaly device to prevent and treat her migraines

At Home...

While reading, watching TV, eating meals, playing with the kids, doing chores, or other household activities.

Join The CEFALY Migraine Treatment and Prevention Revolution

Acute Treatment of Migraine

During a migraine attack, the CEFALY ACUTE setting gives significant pain relief. You should use this setting for a 1-hour session during your migraine to stop the attack and relieve the headache pain.

Migraine Prevention

The CEFALY PREVENT setting is designed to be used 20 minutes per day, by people experiencing migraine symptoms three or more times per month. This setting changes the trigger threshold of the migraine to reduce the frequency of migraine days.