CEFALY Technology Announces Sponsorship Day of Migraine World Summit

On March 23 CEFALY Technology will join the mission to reduce the global burden of migraine through education and fundraising

NEW YORK, March 18, 2020 CEFALY, the first device of its kind to receive FDA medical clearance for migraine headaches announced that on March 23rd it will sponsor a full day of the Migraine World Summit, the largest online event of its kind founded by migraine patients for migraine patients. 

“We’re excited to once again be involved with this event and relieved that patients anywhere can log on for relevant discussions about their condition from the comfort and safety of home, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jennifer Trainor-McDermott, CEO with CEFALY Technology. CEFALY Technology was among the speakers at the inaugural summit. The event is now in its fifth year and has ballooned to more than 150,000 attendees.

This 2020, patients will hear from renowned experts at organizations such as Stanford, Georgetown and Harvard Universities covering topics including the benefits of mediation on brain elasticity, pediatric indicators of migraine and the potential for genetic testing on migraine. Proceeds help benefit migraine research and support through organizations like American Migraine Foundation, Migraine Research Foundation, Headache Australia and the National Headache Foundation.

“We want people living with migraine to know we are a clinically-proven migraine device that can help prevent a migraine and also help to stop a migraine already in progress.” Since the CEFALY DUAL is a device and not a drug, it may be used as a standalone treatment or as part of an existing regimen. The device is placed on the forehead atop of self-adhesive electrode, where it stimulates and desensitizes the area research identifies as a center for migraine pain, the Trigeminal nerve. In studies, people who used the CEFALY device every day saw a reduction in migraine days and reduced use of migraine medication.

Participation in Migraine World Summit is free and online from March 18-26, 2020, and available to order thereafter. To register, go to MigraineWorldSummit.com.

About CEFALY Technology

CEFALY Technology is a global company that has been transforming migraine treatment since 2008, when the CEFALY device was introduced. CEFALY Technology’s mission is to solve the persistent problem of migraine through advanced therapeutic innovations.

For more information about CEFALY Technology visit our website.

About Migraine

Migraine is a debilitating and painful neurological disease that is under-recognized, undertreated and frequently misunderstood as “just a headache.” Despite one in seven people living with this incapacitating condition worldwide, finding access to qualified healthcare professionals can be difficult.

About Migraine World Summit

The mission of the Migraine World Summit is to reduce the global burden of migraine through education and fundraising. Each year, patient advocates Carl Cincinnato and Paula K. Dumas interview over 30 leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists from around the world to provide free, unprecedented access to the latest science in migraine and answer the most difficult questions for patients in desperate need of relief. To date, more than 150,000 people have participated in the Migraine World Summit to discover how to better manage the disease.


Steiner TJ et al. Migraine: the seventh disabler. The Journal of Headache and Pain 2013, 14:1.

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