How I Effectively Manage My Migraine With CEFALY

How I Effectively Manage My Migraine With CEFALY

It has been about two months now since I first began my journey with CEFALY and what a relieving and exciting experience it has been!

My migraine management routine has certainly evolved by leaps and bounds over the past five months since first launching Dealing With Migraine at the beginning of 2022. Back then my routine didn’t incorporate nearly as many areas of health and wellness as it does now.

I would have never thought devices and technology existed that could help me better manage and live with migraine. Now, using my CEFALY device has become a crucial part of my everyday routine. Yet, like the rest of my everyday health habits, I may miss a day, and that is okay too!

Here is a detailed run down of my holistic migraine management routine and how CEFALY has come to play such a lovely role, as a drug-free, OTC option for treating migraine.


The pandemic, as I’m sure for many folks, created a huge hole in my physical and mental fitness routine. For years I have found refuge and countless benefits in practicing yoga, especially in person at a local business. I always found that by practicing in person with an instructor provided so much calm, support, and extra relief. Much of this dissipated for two years over the course of the pandemic, which I know was of no good for my body and mind.

A few months ago, I finally decided to make a change and start practicing again, even if it was only in my apartment. Of course yoga does not simply prevent my migraine attacks, but it is a form of self care that works for me and works for my migraine. I find the combination of stretching, balance, strength building, slow movements, and a come as you are attitude are incredibly healing for me. I’ve fallen in love with fantastic teachers online like Jessica Richburg and Adriene Mishler who offer the types of yoga I enjoy most such as gentle, restorative, and deep stretch.


Another healing practice I have incorporated is meditation both short and longer sessions like yoga nidra. Meditation has many benefits for living with migraine such as decreasing anxiety, helping with pain management, and lowering stress (to name a few). Done when I remember to or when I am feeling overwhelmed, the staying still portion of meditation forces my body to just stop. Even if you think you can’t do it or can’t imagine getting your brain to stop thinking, I urge you to still give it a try! Whether I meditate for five minutes or ten, it is time I have taken to carve out for myself, which is the definition of self care. Meditation is also where I like to use my CEFALY device simultaneously!

Whether its for the 20-minute Prevent program or the 60-minute Acute program, I like to put on a guided meditation that matches how I’m feeling or what I’m looking for. I almost never meditate in silence. Sometimes I use ambient noises and sounds, but find the added dose of guidance to provide calming relief and support. Luckily there are so many options available for free whether on Youtube or Spotify. I am currently collecting all my favorite meditation tracks on Spotify here!

I discovered “Mindful in Minutes” by Kelly Smith pretty early in my meditation journey this year and really responded to her work. Close to bedtime I’ll lay down, smell some lavender, put on my CEFALY, and play one of her guided meditations. It is incredibly relaxing and is the perfect way to prepare my body for rest. I use this duo treatment during a migraine attack as well. Between the stimulation I feel from CEFALY (which almost numbs my head pain) and a track focused on anxiety relief and breathing, it is a 180 from how I used to feel during my migraine attacks. In the future, I would love to bring my CEFALY to an in person yoga class or sound bath, where I would also be relaxing and laying down.


I’ve always found essential oils to be incredibly relaxing. Whether through candles, diffusers, rollerballs, or just smelling them, I’m a huge fan. Now I know some folks do not find aromatherapy useful in dealing with migraine, but regardless it is a fantastic tool for relaxation. Peppermint oil is incredibly well known for treating migraine. It contains menthol which can help to relax the muscles and head pain often experienced.

Studies have shown that lavender can reduce migraine pain in addition to improving sleep, anxiety, overall mood, and kill viruses and bacteria (hence all the lavender cleaning products). It’s for these reasons I always carry a rollerball with me from Migrastil that includes peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils. It doesn’t necessarily get rid of a migraine attack, but can be really helpful at the onset of an attack to get me through a special event or painful commute home. During an attack I will lay in bed and just smell essential oils (sometimes until I fall asleep) and for whatever reason, it majorly helps me with pain and relaxation. Adding in my CEFALY device into the mix, adds another amazing layer of defense in my migraine management.


Going on walks has played a huge role in my self care routine too! Obviously this is easier in the warmer months but still a great avenue nonetheless. Research has shown benefits of walking include lowering stress levels, improving sleep, and lowering risk of depression. Especially if I’m walking alone, the absence of noise (except from the outdoors), becomes almost meditative on its own. Despite living in a borough of NYC, I’ve found quiet walking areas with lots of greenery which certainly transports me away from any stress and chaos. Even if I don’t feel like walking, it is something I commit to almost everyday.

I’d love to know when you use your CEFALY Dual Enhanced and if you have combined it with any of your migraine management practices too! Either way, I wish you the best on your journey with migraine. Order a CEFALY device to discover the difference for yourself today!

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