Meet CeCe, The New Migraine App From CEFALY Technology

You already know that tracking your triggers and symptoms can be one of the best ways to understand your life with migraine and prevent attacks. But that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Not everyone has the time to keep an elaborate migraine journal. Many migraine apps are just too complicated to use. That’s why we created CeCe: an intuitive way to log your migraine triggers and symptoms and recognize trends over time.

Download the free CeCe app for iPhone or Android.

The CeCe migraine app is:

  • Personalized: Because every person’s migraine experience is unique, CeCe can be customized to record only the symptoms, triggers and treatments that apply to you.
  • Simple: CeCe’s intuitive, chat-like interface is simple to use. There’s no clutter — just the features that help you effectively log and analyze your migraine attacks.
  • Versatile: With CeCe, you’re in charge. Choose which aspects of migraine you want to track: your triggers, attack symptoms and trends, treatment effectiveness, or all of these. You can keep a detailed migraine journal as well.
  • Private: Your personal information is stored securely and never shared with any third party. You’re in control of your health data.
  • Free: CeCe is a completely free migraine app for iPhone, iPad and Android. It has no ads, no in-app purchases and no hidden costs. Purchase of CEFALY is not required to use CeCe.
  • Migraine-friendly: We designed CeCe to be easy on your eyes, even when you’re experiencing an attack. The app lets you log migraine attacks in real time or after an attack has passed.

Why Do You Need a Migraine App?

The CeCe app can do two important things. One, it can help with migraine prevention, by shining light on your most common triggers and helping you avoid them. Two, it can help your healthcare provider better understand your symptoms and see which treatments work best for you. You can use CeCe to record:

  • The frequency and duration of an attack
  • Symptoms of an attack
  • Environmental or other triggers
  • The location of pain
  • The intensity of pain
  • Preventive treatments
  • Abortive treatments
  • Your response to treatments

For most people, migraine isn’t static. All of these factors can evolve with age and changing life circumstances. CeCe can help you identify the patterns and trends that matter.

CeCe was built to be the best free migraine tracking app for people who want a simple way to understand and control their migraine symptoms. Try it today and let us know what you think!

Download the free CeCe app for iPhone or Android.

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