Why You Should Choose CEFALY for Migraine Relief

When you’re experiencing a migraine, you want an effective solution to relieve symptoms fast. While you have treatment options such as pain relief medication or caffeine, these remedies may not be suitable or help to prevent future migraines. CEFALY is clinically proven to reduce pain while helping to prevent future migraines for a safe and functional treatment option.

The Prevalence of Migraines

Headaches are a common aspect of life for many people, with over 50% of adults globally suffering from some form of headache disorder. One of the most common headache disorders people experience is migraines. This neurological condition is one of the most disabling diseases and causes people to miss school, work and other events.

Despite the prevalence of migraines, over 70% of people do not receive proper treatment for their migraine and prefer to self-medicate with essential oils or a cold compress.

Common Barriers to Treatment

Many people who suffer from migraines never receive an official diagnosis because they fail to seek treatment due to expenses related to migraine suffering such as:

  • Treatments requiring prescriptions.
  • High prices and recurring costs for specific treatment options.
  • Lack of insurance coverage for treatments.

How CEFALY Breaks Down Barriers

Luckily the cost of a CEFALY device helps migraine suffers bypass many of the common barriers associated with treatment to experience fast, effective relief. As the only over-the-counter medicine available globally, users can experience cost savings with CEFALY in addition to improving their health.

Some of the benefits of a CEFALY device are:

  • No recurring fees.
  • HSA/FSA eligible.
  • Do not need a doctor’s visit or prescription.

A Convenient and Easy Treatment Solution

While treatment is essential for relieving symptoms, it’s also a great idea to keep track of when and how often you experience migraines to make more informed decisions regarding your treatment and prevent future attacks. However, many of us lack time to create and continually use a migraine diary.

Luckily, CeCe from CEFALY is an entirely free, easy-to-use migraine app that allows you to track your symptoms at any time and location. Our intuitive app enables users to log migraine triggers and symptoms to recognize trends and make informed decisions regarding their health. CeCe is a private app that will keep your information secure, and we will never share your information with a third party.

Some ways you can use CeCe to improve your health include:

  • Track the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Keep a detailed journal of your migraines.
  • Recognize trends in your migraines.
  • Keep a record of how your migraine may evolve.
  • Identify potential triggers.

Relief From Migraine Pain

CEFALY is the first device of its kind to receive clearance from the FDA to treat migraines and provide a superior clinical efficacy compared to competitors. To test the efficacy of our product, CEFALY held a double-blind, randomized, sham-controlled study in multiple headache centers across the United States.

After one hour of treatment, CEFALY users saw a 59% reduction in migraine pain which continued for up to 24 hours after completing treatment. CEFALY was also effective for acute migraine suffers, with 79% of participants experiencing pain relief and 32% experiencing freedom from pain. In addition to treating current symptoms, CEFALY effectively prevents headaches with users reducing their migraine frequency by 50% per month.

Purchase CEFALY and See the Difference for Yourself Today

Start experiencing life without migraines with a CEFALY device today. Our FDA-cleared device provides quick, reliable relief from migraines of any intensity to allow you to resume normal activities sooner. Order a CEFALY device to discover the difference for yourself today!

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