CEFALY Dual vs New CEFALY Enhanced – What’s the Difference?

Migraines are a painful, recurring headache disorder that affects millions of people every year. Symptoms typically present as a severe throbbing headache with nausea, altered vision and sensitivity to light or sound. While effective medications do exist, they cannot completely stop migraines and can sometimes fail altogether.

This is where non-drug treatments such as migraine relief devices come into play. These specialised devices use new technologies to reduce the intensity of a migraine before it has fully taken over, preventing the full force of its symptoms from appearing in some cases, and making them more tolerable in all others. As such, these treatment devices may offer an invaluable aid for controlling this disabling condition.

Here at CEFALY, we produce a range of effective migraine relief devices. But what is the difference between the old CEFALY Dual and the new CEFALY Enhanced treatment. In this handy guide, we’ll break down the differences for you, and outline how CEFALY Enhanced is a more effective migraine relief device.


The original CEFALY Dual made waves when it first hit the market as an innovative device designed to target migraine pain relief without reliance on medications. Pain relief is achieved through the external trigeminal nerve stimulator by placing an electrode on the forehead between the eyebrows, which then stimulates the trigeminal nerve, a known centre for migraine pain.

This non-invasive approach decreases the duration of headaches while providing a comfortable experience due to its uniquely designed device. For some users, it can provide lasting relief from moderate to severe migraines, but for others there may be limited effects in reducing pain levels and frequency of migraine days. It is important to consult with your medical practitioner before deciding whether this option may be suitable for your circumstances.

CEFALY Dual has now made way for the new CEFALY Enhanced, which we’ll explore a bit below.

New CEFALY Enhanced

With the new CEFALY Enhanced, you can experience the natural evolution of migraine treatment and prevention with this clinically proven device. Design, user experience, and storage have all been improved for a more efficient and reliable tool in your migraine care.

With one device, you get two treatment settings that vary based on the state of your current migraine. The 60-minute acute setting is used at the onset of an attack to stop or reduce pain, while the 20-minute preventative sessions are used daily to lower the frequency and intensity of symptoms.

How New CEFALY Enhanced Compares to CEFALY Dual

CEFALY Enhanced offers enhanced performance in every area compared to its predecessor, making it the premier choice for anyone looking for electroencephalogram (EEG) treatment.

It’s designed with a more modern, sleeker aesthetic, while still featuring a convenient electrode storage bag and finely tuned visual feedback.

Additionally, the bright and noticeable face-encompassing button makes it easy to access all functions of the device without guesswork or confusion. This improved device-to-electrode connectivity elevates your user experience when using CEFALY technology and ensures that you get the best possible results from your therapy sessions.

Benefits of Upgrading to New CEFALY Enhanced

Upgrading to new CEFALY Enhanced is a great idea for anyone wanting the best results in terms of headache and migraine relief. This new version packs some impressive features, including improved power, which translates into significantly greater effectiveness at treating migraine and tension-type headaches.

Additionally, the dual treatment electrodes of the new CEFALY Enhanced provide two independently adjustable intensities, which can allow users to customise their level of comfort while still fully benefiting from the device.

Furthermore, its high-capacity battery is also much more durable compared to earlier models. This means you can use it frequently without worrying about needing to constantly replace batteries.

If you're looking to take control of your migraines, why not upgrade to the new CEFALY Enhanced today? You get all the trusted benefits of the original CEFALY Dual devices with added features designed for even better relief and comfort.

Experience a dramatic improvement in your symptoms and be free from excruciating pain. For more information, get in touch with us today.
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