Tips for Migraine Management on the Go

You’re falling behind on a big work project, but you can’t work late because you promised to help out at the swim meet tonight, and your car just started making a funny sound, but you don’t have time to take it into the shop, and you completely forgot to eat lunch, but it’s already 3:15… Now, you feel a migraine coming on. Help!

Life doesn’t stop for migraine, unfortunately. But being prepared can help you understand migraine triggers, treat migraine symptoms and keep your head above water. Try these four tips.

Keep migraine toolkits at home, at work and in your vehicle.

A migraine toolkit simply means a collection of things that can help prevent migraine attacks, relieve migraine pain, address individual symptoms, and simply make you feel better. What should you keep in a migraine toolkit? It really depends on what works for you.

In your home toolkit, for instance, you might have ice packs or a heating pad ready to go. In your vehicle, you may want water, snacks and sunglasses. Migraine medication and your CEFALY DUAL are always good to keep close at hand.

Track your symptoms, triggers and treatments with the CeCe migraine app.

You’ve probably had people tell you that you should keep a migraine journal. Sure, it sounds like a good idea — but are you really supposed to pull out a notebook when you’re in agonizing pain and start writing down how you feel?

Try the free CeCe Migraine Management app instead. It’s an intuitive way to log your migraine triggers and symptoms and recognize trends over time. The minimal, ad-free interface empowers you to log and analyze your migraine attacks in the way that makes sense to you. The benefit is that, over time, you’ll be able to see the trends in your migraine patterns and better identify your personal triggers and effective treatments.

Keep your CEFALY device charged and ready to go.

CEFALY is compact and portable, making it ideal for treating migraine when you’re away from home. Just remember to keep your CEFALY charged, so you can use it at the onset of symptoms. The new CEFALY DUAL Enhanced has an improved charging system, so you no longer have to plug it in. Just set it on the included charging station.

We also added a durable electrode storage pouch to the CEFALY DUAL Enhanced kit. Keeping electrodes clean and storing them in a sealed pouch can help you get the maximum number of uses from your electrodes. If you sometimes run out of electrodes unexpectedly, consider an electrode subscription. You’ll save 5% and get free shipping.

Pause for a minute.

Sometimes, life is overwhelming. If you feel like everything is just too much, take a moment to do something that restores you. Drink water, have a snack, walk outside, say a mantra, or try a quick stress relief exercise.

Stress is one of the most common migraine triggers — not only in the moment, but in the letdown period that happens after an intense period of stress. Dehydration and skipping meals also can trigger a migraine attack. This is why the most important part of managing migraines on the go is taking time to pause, look inward and ask yourself: What do you need? Take care of yourself first.

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