Cefaly Magnetic Device Kit
Cefaly Magnetic Device Kit
Cefaly Bundle Kit
Cefaly Magnetic Device Kit
Cefaly Magnetic Device Kit
Cefaly Magnetic Device Kit
Cefaly Magnetic Device Kit
Cefaly Magnetic Device Kit
Cefaly Magnetic Device Kit
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Cefaly Magnetic Device Kit

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What's In the box?

The CEFALY migraine treatment and prevention kit includes:

  • CEFALY device
  • Storage case
  • Instruction manual
  • 1 Electrode (up to 20 uses)
  • Power adapter and charging cable

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CEFALY is a wearable device, clinically-proven to quickly treat acute migraine attacks and prevent future episodes.

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Breakthrough Wearable Device

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Clinically Proven

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Drug-Free Pain Relief

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Safe and Well Tolerated

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FDA/TGA Cleared/CE Marked Medical Technology

Real Migraine Stories

Ellie Freeman

From the age of 14, migraines would hit me like a monthly attack. They were pretty severe: I couldn’t be around light or sound, needed an ice pack and nothing worked. With some attacks I could be in bed for three days or a week. The migraine may last a week and then all the other symptoms – nauseousness, dizziness, hot flushes – linger.It got to the point where I didn’t want to take all these drugs. I use Cefaly every day after work, and it helps so much. I find that if I don’t use the CEFALY device, the migraines get worse, but if I use it every day, the migraines are not as debilitating. Now that I have CEFALY, medication is a last resort.
CEFALY helps me manage – it’s given me more days out of bed, and I’ve been able to get more things done.

Ellie Freeman
Olivia Rehberger

I will actually use Cefaly consistently throughout the day, especially if I have a really bad migraine and I can’t bare it. I use it often more, than once a day. Cefaly is a tool that I have. My migraines are very complicated and in conjunction with other treatments and medications the Cefaly is something I have in my ‘migraine toolbox’ at my disposal to use, as I need it both as a preventative and an abortive. It’s something I really rely on.

Olivia Rehberger

I tried a lot of different medications and nothing has really worked as far as a preventive. Various triptans and the Cefaly seem to be the only things that have worked as an abortive option. If I have a migraine coming on I’ll put the device on right away on the acute setting and it’ll get rid of it. If I already have a migraine it’ll get rid of the pounding pain so I can still function. It’s cut my migraines in half.

Nikki Albert

Most of my migraines were in the range of 7-9 starting within an hour or two of getting up. With the CEFALY daily treatment, abortive treatment or the daily preventative treatment, my pain scale shows 4-9 with the average in the 5-6 area. That is a pretty significant reduction in intensity there. I mean that 4 area? Wasn’t a number on my pain chart… at all. Ever. I like the CEFALY it is a device that is really helping me control the intensity of my migraine attacks and giving me some migraine-free days in the mix as well. The intensity control and the delay in the attacks is worth a Whole lot to me in quality of life with migraine disease. It gives me just some actual relief for once.

Nikki Albert

I’ve had migraines since I was around 7 and they’d occur almost weekly. We went to a neurologist who determined they were migraines. Cefaly is the only solution I’ve found that offers two settings (acute and preventative) and I use them both. It’s amazing how much this tiny machine reduces my symptoms. Before Cefaly, I’d have lost the entire day to my symptoms. It’s that remarkable. Cefaly allows me to live my life.


I’ve had migraines since I was 13. It wasn’t until later in life a doctor validated that I do indeed have migraines. I use CEFALY daily in the morning for prevention. I also use it when I get a migraine on an as needed basis. The CEFALY has worked wonders. The number of my migraines dropped 75-80% and those that I do get are less severe. I like my CEFALY so much that I bought a spare.


How to Use the CEFALY Migraine Treatment Device

Frequently Asked Questions

CEFALY is the first FDA Cleared/CE Marked device of its kind for the treatment of migraine headaches. It is a comfortable, drug-free, approach to help relieve pain and decrease the number of migraine days. In technical terms, it is an external trigeminal nerve stimulator, which is a non-invasive device placed on the head to stimulate and desensitize the Trigeminal nerve.

Research identifies the Trigeminal nerve as a center for migraine pain and can be accessed under the skin of your forehead. The CEFALY device has been specifically designed to make contact with the nerve endings of this branch via an electrode positioned on the forehead between the eyebrows. Once an electrode has been placed, the device magnetically secures a connection and begins to send tiny electrical impulses through the top branch into the Trigeminal nerve.

A session with the ACUTE setting lasts one hour and is used during a migraine attack. The session can be repeated for another 60-minute session if necessary or if another migraine attack occurs. A session with the PREVENT setting lasts 20 minutes. It must be used daily and may be done at any time throughout the day, though an evening session is preferred.

Learn more about how CEFALY works.

The CEFALY device should not hurt and is safe. However, the sensations experienced while using the CEFALY device are novel to most people and can take some adjustment. To make treatment more enjoyable, we recommend you increase intensity in small increments of time, over the course of a few weeks. If you feel the intensity is too strong for you, simply press the button to stabilize the session.

If 10 seconds after you’ve selected your session, you wish to increase the intensity, you can press and hold the button to quickly ramp up the intensity to your desired strength. When you release the button, the intensity will stabilize and remain constant. Should you press and hold the button again, the intensity will increase again. The maximum intensity is reached after pressing and holding the button for 30 consecutive seconds.

Indications, Contraindications, Precautions & Warnings

CEFALY® DUAL is the first FDA-cleared medical device of its kind for treatment of migraine.

CEFALY DUAL is indicated to be used for:

  • The acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in patients 18 years of age or older.
  • The preventative treatment of episodic migraine in patients 18 years of age or older.

CEFALY DUAL is for patients diagnosed by a physician with migraine per the indications for use.

Do not use if you:

  • Have implanted metallic or electronic devices in the head.
  • Are suffering from pain of unknown origin.
  • Have a cardiac pacemaker or an implanted or wearable defibrillator.

Consult a doctor before use if:

  • You are under 18 years of age.
  • You are over 65 years of age.
  • You are pregnant or may become pregnant.
  • You suspect or know that you have heart problems.
  • You had a recent head injury.
  • You have ever suffered a seizure.
  • You have never been diagnosed with a migraine by a health professional.
  • You have a headache that is different from your usual migraines.
  • You have the worst headache of your life.
  • You have fever or a stiff neck.
  • You have a headache that began after a head injury, exertion, coughing, or bending.
  • You experienced your first headache after the age of 50 years.
  • You have a migraine so severe as to require bed rest.


  • Do not use CEFALY DUAL while sleeping.
  • Do not use CEFALY DUAL in a wet environment, such as in the bath or shower.
  • Do not use CEFALY DUAL while driving, operating machinery, or during any activity that requires you to be alert and focused. Wait for 1 hour after each treatment session before resuming any such activity.
  • Do not use in the presence of electronic monitoring equipment (e.g., cardiac monitors, electrocardiogram (ECG) alarms).
  • The CEFALY DUAL and electrodes are designed for and should be used only in the forehead region.
    • Do not use CEFALY DUAL in the neck region.
    • While CEFALY DUAL’s design prevents this, do not use CEFALY DUAL close to the thorax (chest region).
  • Use CEFALY DUAL only on normal, intact and clean skin.
    • Do not use over open wounds.
    • Do not use over skin eruptions.
    • Do not use over swollen, infected or inflamed areas.
    • Do not use over, or close to, cancerous lesions or skin abnormalities that could be cancerous.
  • Use caution or avoid using CEFALY DUAL if there has been any loss of feeling in the skin of your forehead or scalp until the normal feeling is resumed.
  • Use CEFALY DUAL only with the electrodes and accessories recommended by CEFALY Technology.
  • Keep the CEFALY DUAL out of the reach of children.
  • Strangulation risk due to the length of the charging system cable.
  • Suffocation risk in case of swallowing the electrode.
  • If you have known allergies to acrylates, contact CEFALY TEchnology for hypoallergenic electrode alternatives.

Consult your healthcare provider before using the CEFALY DUAL if you have Medication Overuse Headache, Chronic Tension-Type Headache, or Refractory Migraine, as the safety and effectiveness of the device have not been demonstrated for subjects with such conditions.

If the frequency of your headache is not reduced after 2 or 3 months of daily use of Program 2 (prevention), ask your doctor.

The long-term effects of chronic use of CEFALY DUAL are unknown.

Migraines may indicate that you have a serious medical condition. You should have them checked by a doctor.

You should check with your doctor if you do not understand or if you are not sure whether any of the above Contraindications or Warnings apply to you or your condition.